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Nov 11, 2009
NB: MTN USSD tariffs

Consumer Rates: USSD session rate (forward billed) - R0.18c (Excl. VAT) per 20 seconds. i.e. R0.21c (Incl. VAT) per 20 seconds.

The following MTN USSD services will NOT be charged for:

Codes - Service

*111# - International Voicemail Ret
14. *123*888# - MSISDN query (retrieve own number)rieval
*121# - Callback
*123# - MTN Service (Phone set up)
*126# - MTNLoaded USSD
*141# - Prepaid TopUp Balance Enquiry
*170# - USSD WIG downloads
*555# - Prepaid balance enquiry

USSD allows WASP’s (MTN 3rd party partners and application providers) to offer USSD services to customers which include any menu type application such as information requests; portal-type requests or banking applications.

A USSD session can either be forward or reverse billed. Most applications will be billed to your account, and you will be informed if the application is billed to the WASPs account.

You will be billed when:

  • You initiate a USSD session
  • You directly request a forward billed number

The WASP provider will be billed when:

  • You select a menu option that is zero rated for you; the costs from when you select that option will be billed to the WASP owning the menu option.

More USSD billing info on the MTN website:

MTN USSD Services

These are the MTN USSD service numbers to be dialled from your cellular handset.

Balance Enquiry

  • *141#

Recharge Request

  • *141*<PIN>#

Tariff Analyser and Priceplan Migrations menu

  • *141*4#

Tariff Analyser

  • *141*4*0#

Priceplan migration

  • *141*4*<Price Plan Option>#

Data bundle purchase

  • *141*6*<BundleSize>#

Data bundle cancellation

  • *141*6*0#

Me2U Top Up Request

  • *141*6328*<MSISDN>#

Me2U Transfer

  • *141*6328*<MSISDN>*<AMOUNT>#

SMS bundle purchase

  • *141*7*<BundleSize>#

SMS bundle cancellation

  • *141*7*0#

Yello Fortune Entries

  • *141*8#

Information retrieved from MTN website (3 November 2012): MTN USSD support

Update 2013-10-25:

Content Billing

  • *141*5#

MSISDN query (retrieve own number)
  • *123*888#
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Jan 13, 2004
These self-service menus are great.

So I access the *141*6# menu from my MTN phone to buy myself a bundle, go through all the menus, select my bundle and right at the end it tells me I don't have self-service activated. Duh MTN, how about doing the check at the beginning? And how about allowing self-service by default?

I took my Cell C Woosh SIM (which I use in case my ADSL line goes down), dial self-service and within a minute I have a bundle loaded. No mess, no fuss.



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Oct 17, 2007
and if you want to stop those pesky sms's on your data sim card.
you can bar them with this code