Municipalities prepare schedules for stage 8 load shedding

Tshwane had stage 5 to 8 on their schedule for quite a while (they struggled to switch Stage 6 areas on time though, manpower issues I guess), the ones who didn't were slackers lol.
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At this point, I'm pretty sure a bot is writing these articles...

Let me have a stab at a myBB article.

Stage 8 loadshedding on the cards

Eskom warned that the probability of load-shedding would remain high throughout the coming week due to the shortage of capacity.

It had lost additional power generation units during the course December 2019, which resulted in unplanned breakdowns increasing to 12,000MW. Currently the unplanned breakdowns are at 11,000MW.

This is much higher than the breakdown threshold of 9,500MW to avoid load-shedding. The only thing which prevented stage 6 load-shedding was low electricity demand. Demand is due to increase as businesses return from the holidays as schools start.

For South African citizens and businesses, this means either longer power cuts or more power cuts may happen at any time, depending on their municipality’s strategy.

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It's going to get worse

EE Business Intelligence MD Chris Yelland said Eskom’s declining energy availability factor (EAF) is cause for serious concern.

The energy availability factor shows the percentage of Eskom’s generation capacity which is available, taking into account planned maintenance and unplanned breakdowns.

Yelland said the EAF data for 2019 paints a grim picture of ageing, under-maintained, and stressed power plants.

“The EAF for the full 2019 calendar year has hit a new record low of 67%, compared to the EAF of 72% for the 2018 calendar year,” said Yelland.

He added that the EAF for Week 50 and Week 51 of 2019 also hit record all-time lows of 59.7% and 58.0% respectively.
Stage 8 was proposed in 2015 and added to most muncipalities in 2018. The reason the one in December was a shock was the immediacy of it, Eskom went oh right we're stage 6 from like now sort it out muncipalities.
During stage 8 load shedding, consumers could be without power for 48 hours over four days, or 96 hours in eight days.

Cute, that's our stage 4 in PE - 12-13 hrs a day

We lived through it
The future of evening entertainment revolves around the family car with its built in generator. Sales of Microbus style family vehicles will skyrocket.
When I was younger I learnt that it is good if you pass a stage and go on to the next one, all that education in my earlier years count for nothing in this situation!

I wonder if we go through all the stages if there will be a bossfight at the end, dimly lit with a few candles
That's brilliant. So how is Eskom planning on handling the massive loss in revenue prolonged use of stages 6 & 8 would cause? Not to mention the crippling effect this would have on the economy.
They should just go with stage 10 one time .. its time for ANC voters to feel what shitty governance feels like
no need to stock up on bananas .. the banana republic will deliver imminently