Municipalities to lose funding for not paying Eskom


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Jul 27, 2006
i guess its not uncommon for the municipality to get payment from the residents for usage, and then dont pay it over to eskom.
it would benefit Eskom to bill consumers directly, and get payment directly, but then they have to deal with accounts issues, instead of concenctrating on electricity, and also means the councils loose a lot of income, since they do have a bit of markup profit from consumers.
but to get these greedy useless buggers at councils to do the right thing... challenge


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Sep 23, 2011
Municipalities to lose funding for not paying Eskom

The government has resorted to withholding payments to municipalities that owe Eskom money in an effort to stabilise the finances of the state utility.

So essentially government is saying: "We put useless people in the municipality, and the only way we can force them to do their jobs is by not distributing the taxes collected from our population."

Flawless logic as usual...