Mweb address change/moving nightmare


Jul 22, 2008
Im really hoping somebody can help me on here.

On 6 November I called Mweb to say I was moving to to anew address on 30 November and asked they end my service and do a new instillation at a new address. They said to email, which I did on 6 November. I only got a reply to that email on 13 November asking me what option I required. I replied the same day. i follow up on 24 November asking what is happening as I have got no response. On 30 November I get another response with even more questions, I reply the same day and then nothing again.

I have tried FB Messenger, calling, emailing, and only on Twitter do I get a response, but basically saying it has been escalated.

So yesterday, the 30th I cancelled my current product, (because they have not moved it by the time I asked them to, so it is absolutely useless to me at my new address) and get an email today saying they need 30 days notice so it will run until the end of December.

How on earth do I actually talk to a human at Mweb to resolve all of this? I want fibre up and running ASAP.
Starting to realise it's probably best to just call another ISP who actually wants the business and get a fresh install

My ticket number is MWB16153799