MWEB fibre Technicolor router and remote VPN into work network not connecting

Andy Clark

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Jul 14, 2017
Hi, I have MWEB fibre with the locked down Technicolor router. I am struggling to remote into my office using our VPN. Other VPNs such as Tunnelbear work fine and the initial connection to the office is fine (I can there is a connection established before I try the VPN and my Outlook mails download fine) but when I try and sign in via the VPN it constantly spins and eventually times out. It feels like there is a handshake coming back from the office and this is being blocked by the router. If I switch to 4g, then I can connect fine and I have tried other wi-fi hotspots and also fine. I have looked through all the router settings, but the firewall is locked down and cannot be changed.

I called MWEB and they said they don't provide tech support for VPN issues.

Anyone have any ideas? If I don't get this resolved then I will probably have to change supplier.


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Jan 15, 2008
Neither my wife or I have VPN issues, and we're using 2 different VPN clients (different companies).

When you connect to 4G, are you using a dongle in your Router, or on your machine (or wifi hotspot)? Are you using Wi-Fi, or a network cable to the router?


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Sep 25, 2011
I had a technicolor tg589vn v3 router & could disable the built-in firewall. Haven't used it in about a year, but I do remember I had to change a few things to disable it, the obvious way is disabled.