Mweb vs Telkom Fibre Connection, Shaped speed, upload & download speed, Contention


Oct 9, 2013
Hi Everyone

I have no knowledge in the ISP field, i need some experts ( non bias ) to advise on the best fibre connection for Netflix and other streaming services in the Ballito, KZN area.

I would like a 20MB Download Speed minimum, 20MB Upload speed, Fair use Policy no less than 250GB.

Im currently using Mweb 20MB Package, with Telkom Line rental, I would like to consolidate the line and service provider into one package, currently when i have connection problems Telkom blames Mweb and Mweb Blames Telkom, when i consolidate the service then one Company is accountable.

Furthermore i have a budget of about R1000 if required i can exceed the budget if motivated further.

Any help would be great, currently when reading on the forums i see Cool Ideas is being recommended a lot lately, however i have never heard of them and therefore i have ample reservations. Maybe this is a good thing because the contention ratio would be a lot less than mainstream ISPs?

Kind regards


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Jan 15, 2013
Cool Ideas all the way. No throttling, no shaping, no FuP. Just good service.