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Aug 28, 2014
[10:08 - 16 November]

I just thought I should share my experience porting from MTN to Telkom mobile. A lot of people have been complaining about how expensive data is, and I've noticed that Telkom mobile has some great data deals. So I went to Telkom Mobile Mall of Africa. I'm not really sure if it's Telkom, Telkom Mobile, or if they're combined, but I basically went to a Telkom mobile shop at Mall of Africa. The first thing the queue marshal :)crylaugh:sorry I just had to) asked me, was if I had my ID and proof of residence. Luckily I had remembered these. I told him yes, and waited in that queue. It was 6pm. The guy who was helping me was a little too chilled for my liking, but then again, I understand because he probably had a long day. He kept talking to the consultant next to him casually and getting carried away now and then, while there was a queue of about 6 people. Finally, the guy typed in my ID number and ran into an outstanding balance I had with Telkom on contract back in 2013 (It's now 2017). Anyway, he gave me a number to call along with that outstanding fee and we waited for another 10 minutes while he had a little chit chat with his colleague. Finally, he handed over my documents, and have me a sim card that was in a cover that looks like a cassette cover, and told me that I will receive an SMS from my service provider. The sim card was working perfectly. I went home, my WhatsApp, my internet connection and everything else was working as usual. To me, like the sim card has to completely disconnect in order for me to remove it. I then went to bed. Everything's normal.

I got up at around 5:30am, expecting a non-working sim card, only to find an SMS that says: "MTN has received a request to port your number. If this is incorrect, please reply 1 to this SMS within 45 minutes". I can only imagine what would have happened if someone else (a scammer) did this. They were going to have access to my number and possibly log into my emails (password recovery) and change my banking details etc. I just realised that it's not wise keep your phone on silent. Or better yet, keep your password recovery questions hard. Anyway, I'm writing this at around 10am the following day, nothing has changed, and my sim card is working the exact same way it was working yesterday. I will update this post as I proceed. I will not be inserting that new sim card until this one is inactive.

[1:30 16 November]
My MTN sim card is still fully active. Nothing has changed as yet.

[5:15 16 November]
I got impatient. It's about 23 hours since porting. I've just decided to take the new sim card and insert it in my phone. I got an SMS that gave me a new number, so I guess I'll just have to go to Telkom mobile tomorrow to get another sim card for my original number.

[9:24 16 November]
My girlfriend called and it took her to voicemail and it was the Telkom guy who addressed her. I guess my number has been successfully ported.

[5:08 17 November]
So I decided to insert that new sim card and use it in the meantime. I then receive a call from my girlfriend. I was a little surprised as to how she would know about this new number, only to find that the new sim card has my original number, which I used to port.

It took me around a day and a few hours to port. Not bad at all considering that it has taken some people weeks before the port was successful.
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Jul 8, 2012
Can I do it on my cellphone instead of going in store?

i tried you have to go into a store. the process in store is very quick once you get to the front of the queue... remember all your rica docs and ID


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Aug 16, 2019
So i tried porting my number from telkom to cellc and only received the following sms:

"Telkom SA: Dear Customer, We received a port-out request for this - - - - - - - - - number. If you did not request this please reply 'STOP' within 40 minutes of receipt of this SMS. NO RESPONSE within the time limit implies your consent, subject to Telkom release conditions. Please call 081 180 for any enquiries"

Its been almost 2days and still nothing my telkom sim is still working..

Why the long wait?