My ongoing saga with the LTE Uncapped deal


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Jun 24, 2014
So, where to start...

Up until September last year, we had been stuck with a crappy ADSL line that barely managed to sync at 1 mbps, and would frequently disconnect and resync at any time of day or night, whether it was good weather or bad. We live in a dip that prevents us from getting LOS with most WISPs, and felt for sure we would be stuck with crappy internet until we moved house.

Then, Telkom announced their Uncapped LTE service, and we live in one of the areas which got it early on. I didn't hesitate in signing up, and it all happened so quickly (I've seen the horror stories of it taking upwards of 8 weeks nowadays). Got the modem and SIM card a little after 2 weeks from the date I applied I think. We put the external antenna up in a temporary sort of state of just hanging over the window, and we got a fairly decent 2 bars, and we were happy, knowing that when a technician mounted the antenna properly, it could only get better.

A technician rocked up not too long afterwards to put the antenna up properly, but in his testing, he was only able to get to 30 mbps download speed, and said he would log a fault to get Telkom to figure out a way to fix that. He did a temporary fix and tied the antenna to the side of the roof, to keep us on our 3 bars. (I'm convinced now that he was not actually interested in mounting the antenna at all and just wanted a quick way out). Things were fine for a while, but after about a month of waiting for someone to follow up on the line, we got tired of waiting and I tried chasing it up myself. Telkom support said the job was still in the queue and would get attended to shortly.

So wait another few weeks, and our signal drops very suddenly to basically nothing. My dad and I get up on the roof, and try to get the signal back up again, and we managed to get it to 2 bars again. I followed up yet again on the support job and their reply is that someone will get to it at some point.

Not too long after that I got an sms that the job had been resolved, which was weird, because it hadn't been. Stupidly, I didn't follow up on it, and forgot about it.

Come December, the signal dropped out again. Fluctuating between 1 bar and no bars. I try to get Telkom support out, the usual call disconnected, a lady telling me to take the modem into the store, a general lack of knowledge on the Telkom products, but eventually, I get a lady to log a job for me. Not too long after that, a technician arrives at the house, but finds out it is for LTE and says he can't do anything about it because he is a fixed line technician.

Try to log another job, and cannot get anywhere with anyone, so I had the bright idea to contact Telkom on Facebook. The first contact was made on 16 December, and they said someone would follow up soon. I have been following up with them and their response is someone will be in contact etc.

I get fed up and decided to at least mount the antenna properly on the tv antenna pole and manage to get back up to 2 bars signal. Download speeds are pretty impressive (back up to around 20 mbps on speedtest), but the upload speed is shocking.

We are now nearly two months on from my first contact with Telkom on Facebook, and nothing has happened. Should I contact the Telkom guy who is on the forums here (what is his nick by the way)? Will he be able to help in any further ways? Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks to the mybb community for reading, and any advice you guys can provide!