My Phone Blacklisted by Vodacom 4 months ago - still unresolved


Aug 3, 2012
Not sure if this is the right place to vent, but I'm frustrated and feel rather helpless, nonetheless:

I'm a Cell C subscriber, 4 months ago on 20/09/2016 my handset, obtained from Cell C refused to make voice calls, so I take it in to a Cell C store who after rigourous troubleshooting booked my device in to their repair centre, after a month of daily follow ups I learn that my handset was blacklisted by Vodacom due to bad debt. Please note that I am and never have been a VC subscriber.
Cell C dutifully agreed to proceed with the blacklisting of a 12-year-loyal subscribers handset without even the batting of an eyelid even though the device IMEI number was from their stock...
Anyhow after visits to VC shops, hours on the phone with call centre agents, dozens of emails, nothing zilch nada
Its a crying shame the level of pathetic service provided these days even by big multinational corporations, guavaments SABC TV licence customer care offers better service, Shame on Cell C and VC :mad: