MyBroadband contributes to Nashua Mobile's Smartphone video reviews


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Jul 12, 2010
Did that chick even bother to use the GT350 before reviewing it?
It DOESN'T have a built-in flash - it's a little mirror for self-shots! She's holding it in her hands and she can't tell the difference between an LED and a mirror?

The touchscreen is crap, the interface and system is sluggish, there are multiple bugs in the sms'ing system (especially in keyboard mode) and it's NOT worth the roughly R2k you pay for it. You'd be much better off spending an extra R500 or so and getting the LG Optimus One. You can also barely see the screen when you go outside, especially in direct sunlight. I know these things because I currently own and use this phone. I cannot wait to get rid of it.

I understand that when doing a review you need to find positive things to say about a phone too, but when you leave out all the bad and only make the phone sound good, it's misleading.
What is the point of an "independent" review when said reviewer didn't bother to use the phone or research it properly before advising others?

That being said - here's my one positive: The battery life is pretty good. Lasts several days. (Maybe that's just because I barely use the phone, though.)