MyMondo and MTN laziness with contract cancellation


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Jul 22, 2012
Just wanted to post this thread warning everyone that wants to take out a contract phone with MTN through MyMondo. These guys phoned my wife and promised her the best phone contract (or so we thought at the time) on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017. After receiving the phone she had a problem getting the contract activated and we wanted to test it out within the 10 days that MyMondo said that she could decide to cancel the contract. After finally getting it activated, she checked her contract through MTN on 083 1808 and found that the R200 monthly airtime has now been increased to be R300 and also that she only has R99 left of this R300 airtime.

Again phoning MyMondo (they are open only during the week), she found out that MTN has apparently increased the airtime based on affordability but nobody has even contacted her to indicate their intention of doing the airtime increase that comes with an accompanying monthly fee increase. Then she eventually decided to cancel the contract through MyMondo and she was severely quizzed by the service centre agents on whether on not she is really still within the 10 days cancellation period (these people are very friendly when you say yes for taking a contract with them but don't expect that same friendliness when cancelling). MyMondo said that they will pick up the phone within 5 working days from her but when the 5days ended they have not even done that and this Thursday when she called the MyMondo team, she heard that MTN has refused to pick up the phone from her, and MyMondo advised that we take the phone to any MTN shop which turned out to be only MTN service centres and the "friendly" Park Station MTN shop advised that Carlton Centre has such an MTN shop on upper level. We went there and discovered that Park Station MTN shop keeps referring people incorrectly to them and they have now given us the locations of some MTN service centres closeby.

MTN and MyMondo are the laziest bunch when it comes to service provision on cancelling a phone contract. Be warned! :mad: