Mysteriously Still Stars


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Apr 8, 2006
No, I am just pointing out a flaw in your logic/assumptions.... I am not trying to drive you anywhere...


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Dec 8, 2003
Pyro, speed and velocity most certainly isn't the same thing, normally. The speed of electrons oscillating in an atom differs by a huge margin from their velocity ;)
Hehe, yes it's not the same thing, I was simplifying. Bad choice of words though :p

If you're doing something 'normal', like going 120 on a highway, your speed and velocity is pretty well related. If you look at a small enough time slice, the speed and velocity is exactly the same, though the velocity by definition has a direction, whereas the speed, by definition, does not.

EDIT: Oh TB - yes that beautifully illustrates the difference in the speed of sound, and speed of light.

I was trying to demonstrate the difference in the perceived position, and the actual position. While it sounds like the plane is at a certain position, you can obviously see that it's not there anymore. The speed of light is much faster, so it seems closer to its real position, but you do not have any senses that can detect its actual position to know the difference between what you see and what is real.
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