MYZ refuses refund of brand new unused purchase?


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May 23, 2017
As a pensioner, I asked a local repairman "Efas" to test a non-cooking microwave oven.
A neighbour had asked me (do electrical/electronics) to check his micro.
Having never tested the HT side of a micro, I wanted his advice.
After testing with my DMM, he told me the Magnetron is blown so I took the old one in as a sample to MYZ Appliances Orange Grove JHB.
At the time, I took his word for it.
I bought a new one at close to R300.00 and took it home.
At home, I used my DMM to compare the readings and to my suprise, both read 0.00 ohms.
I confirmed on the internet that filament has a low resistance.
It appears the tech saw 0.00 as 'open circuit' whereas 'open' or 'infinity' reads as 0.L.
Not installing the new magnetron, I took it and the cash-slip back to MYZ.
The salesman referred me to the manager, who would not even listen to my explanation.
Sales staff were then very rude, saying "you must TEST the thing FIRST!!!".
Surely if they had more knowledge, they could examine the lugs-terminals and screw-mount holes for scratches, the waveguide for scorching / heat discoloration, test it.
Hell, I'm no criminal, and insulted that they don't trust their customer's word.
As I'm now stuck with a brand-new unused item, I'll take (many) future repair purchases elsewhere.
MYZ polygraph, anyone? :mad:


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Mar 2, 2016
Go to court for R300? Wasting your time.

What do their return policy state? If you are within their rules, then you have a case. Otherwise cut your losses and move on. Having peace in life is way better than R300 stress. :)


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Jul 13, 2007
That's the typical policy for many parts suppliers, especially applied to electrical parts.

It's for good reason, guys buy parts to troubleshoot aka the OP, find out it's the wrong part or diagnosis and then want to bring the part back. The parts suppliers now have to bench test each and every return to ensure it's not damage because no signs of scratches on the lugs-terminals etc is meaningless, the same way the op tested the resistance with a multimeter he could have also test connected the item up to the device to be repaired with jumper leads, as you can well imagine they don't have time for that schit..