National spam opt-out list provider - TrustFabric versus DMASA

So this is a service that direct marketers may choose to use? What portion of direct marketers use trustfabric? If that number is low than its not really an alternative to the DMASA list unless the NCC adopts it as the national list.
What is there to compel the direct marketers to use this database?
And where does a private database like this get its funding to keep going?
Well I instantly prefer TrustFabric... they don't ask for enough info to sink a bloody ship...
@nadimm - The idea is to get the NNC to appoint an official national list so direct marketers will be legally forced to check the list. Full press release is here:

Just because we rewrote the press release a little doesn't mean our article didn't have this information...

article said:
TrustFabric is aiming to have its list recognised as the official national opt-out list, saying that it would legally force direct marketing companies to check if a number is in the database before they are allowed to phone or SMS people.

All the info is there, just read :)
Tbh i've never heard of these guys or their Opt out list and i have dealing with quite a few call center's, I doubt their list will ever become the official national opt-out list.

Also do they really think that marketing companies would send them their data base's so they can filter out the Opt Outs? From reading their site it looks like they may actually be selling data.
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