Nationalise everything, says Zuma


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Dec 20, 2007
We? Was it not the ANC? The choice of President is not by election, as in the US (and I recognise it has some dodgy features!). As with the UK Prime Minister, the voters only get to pick the ruling party, which in turn picks the leader.
In both cases it is a murky process in some ways, and not fully democratic to my mind. But who am I to have such opinions? Who cares? The reality is that the ruling classes hug to themselves as much power as they can.
And who decides who is in the ruling classes? You do, as a voter, to an extent, since no votes means no power. But beyond that, do you think you choose your President? I certainly do not feel that I choose my PM.

I wonder if f2wohf feels as a Frenchman that he has an influence on who gets to be his President? I think the French system is more democratic than that of Sa or the UK.

Beyond that I feel that the Presidency of the EU is determined without any input from EU voters directly. That looks like a political carve up, with conveniently generous retirement pensions. Sound familiar, topical even, in SA?
Did you miss the part where Zuma said we whites got him fired? Maybe you need to visit even more frequently, to try & keep up..