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Need Advice.

Jul 11, 2018
Hello everyone, I am currently on a Telkom VDSL 10mb line but about 4 months ago we had a line fault where our line speed was down to 1.2 and we were downloading at 100kbps, It took telkom a good 12 weeks to come over and only to have the technician say sorry this is the best we can do and leave. We now have a 4.8mb line but paying for a 10mb line and if anyone on the network uploads anything the ping spikes to the 1000+ and on top of that the phone line is really noisy. We have tried a new router and had the port recreated many many times, Telkom said it's a cable fault and there is nothing they can do to improve it further yet before the fault we were running great. The SNR up and down are both 6.5 and the line attenuation 37 up and 22 down. Can anyone give any advice on how to get this sorted, Fiber is not an option, The houses opposite us have fiber but our side do not. The whole house hold are heavy gamers and we need a decent connection. Please if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.