Need help with extending wi-fi coverage across a 3-story house


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Feb 27, 2008
I am trying to help a friend to distribute his ADSL via wi-fi across his whole house.

The problem though is it is a 3-story house built into a cliff, so has THICK concrete floors.

So the questions is can you set-up 3x Wi-fi routers and bridge them (not wirelessly) but via LAN(CAT5/RJ45) cables*.

It seems fairly straight forward and doable to me, but on doing a search it seems all the write ups are for bridging via wire, and the user-devices seem to then only be able to connect the bridge via cable?? Whereas if they are connected as a repeater (wirelessly again) THEN the user-devices can connect wirelessly. I hope that makes sense!?

Although I am getting confused!

He has a Netgear dgn2200 N300

1) is what I am trying to achieve possible?
2) With this router?
3) What should we get for the other 2 access points? (noting he wants the other 2 to be as fast so also 300mbps)
4) How does one do it..?

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated! :)


* This is needed as the wi-fi will not get through the concrete flooring well, and there are already wire conduits between the floors in which to pull the cables through.

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Aug 25, 2008
does the users need lan access and wifi from the routers on each floor?

if they need only wifi access on each floor get them this:

1 on each floor , the range is insane , bit it is also costly.

connect them via the lan from the n300.

if they need wired and wireless access get this :

on each floor connect via lan cable from n300 , via the routers wan port, this will give them wifi access and wired access.


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Nov 1, 2010
So the questions is can you set-up 3x Wi-fi routers and bridge them (not wirelessly) but via LAN(CAT5/RJ45) cables*.
Of course, you can have 3 wireless access points on single LAN segment.
Cat5 cables are optional, you can also use Ethernet over power cables. You should make wired network planning. How you do planning is up to you, but think about attaching fixed power devices to the wired installation (like smart TV, media centre, NAS), it works better in the long term to have high speed streaming devices on the wired gigabit switch. it might also eliminate need for some of the WiFi access points.
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May 5, 2005
I have 3 AP's in my home and have tried many options.
Entire house is gigabit ethernet and all AP's are wired onto the network.
1. Wireless extenders / repeaters.
Picked up 2 of these from Esquire and found them simple enough to setup.
Wireless network was not stable and often had "stalls" while on them. Found myself regularly disconnection and reconnecting the wifi on client devices.
This solution did not last long.
2. 3 x Router/AP's. Each AP on its own SSID. This worked, but roaming sucked. Often had to manually switch between the access points when moving location in the house.
3. Same three AP's with exact same SSID, security key, etc... Using channels 1, 6 and 11 respectively.
Now this is working nice. Almost full strength throughout the house and home offices. Roaming is sweet. I just roam around and connectivity is solid so far.
I have not gone as far as my outside bar yet, but not too phased there. I have an ethernet point there too and if necessary I will put up a fourth AP. I have some plans to get around this though.

On Wed I was fiddling around with my newish Asus Dark knight N66U. I found a setting that enabled me to boost the mW output of the device so doing some fiddling today.
I swapped the TP Link with the Asus as this is upstairs and center of the house. Going to turn off the other two AP's and boost the Asus to 200mW (default is 80mW). I am hoping this will enable me to use one single AP in the house.
I tried it temporarily last night. Above 100mW I was getting terrible interference on my wireless Turtle Beach PX5 headphones while playing XBox. So some fiddling and placing of the AP and/or headphone dock may be in order here.

If I don't come right with the Asus, I am going to give the ubiquiti mentioned above a try. Read some really good things about it.

Only thing I am concerned about is frying my brain. My bedroom is next to game room, so would hate to be frying brain cells while sleeping with either the ubiquiti or Asus pumping out such a high strength signal.


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Mar 19, 2010
Some feedback on the Ubiquiti - worth every penny.

Been running a single one for about 6 weeks now and it is rock solid.

The management features are a major benefit.

Just this morning, realised that my son's laptop hadn't run updates for a while (he is mostly offline) - took me all of 15 seconds to pop his laptop into a restricted bandwidth group so the updates can run without affecting anyone else. :D

When my young adult nieces come and visit, I do the same - pop their machines into the b/w restricted group and voila

Connected to the AP is:

1 x Android Phone
2 x iPhones
2 x iPad
1 x Android Tab
1 x PS3
2 x Laptops


Best purchase of 2013

PS: Anyone want to buy 2 x Netgear WN2000RPTv2 - less than 3 months old - going cheap :)o)