Networks in South Africa that host malware and botnets


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Apr 20, 2005
MTN said it could not comment on the scale of the attacks on its network.

“We are continuously reviewing ways of minimising our exposure to these attacks. We take this issue very seriously.”

MTN said it notifies its customers if an issue is detected, and failure to take action results in the offending device being “blackholed”, or removed from the Internet
But oh, if abuse@ calls are automatically cancelled, you would not see the abuse? Right .... Yessss ....
Ditto if your abuse@ is not maintained, right?

MTN was the point of origin in attacks against US Schools, universities and even governments around the world. All with no way of being able to report it. I can say BS to their comments and would be qualified in saying so as this situation existed till the end of last year. Best practices was not even an afterthought.

Admittedly the other companies fare a lot better, quite well actually. Kudos to them.

Except for one, where three years ago, I had to explain to their one executive what a DDoS and bot is after continuously blocking it abroad, only to find it popping back onto the radar again 3 days later.
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