New e-reader launched at Frankfurt Book Fair


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Jul 18, 2008
New e-reader launched at Frankfurt Book Fair

One of the world’s biggest booksellers’ federations Wednesday (12 October 2011) unveiled its own e-reader, named Liro Color, on the first day of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.
Wow, nice, I'd like to see specs though. What does it run on, Android, Linux? So is it really an ereader or is it a tablet. In my mind a proper ereader requires something like eink triton (colour) or Pixel Qi, screens that refresh aren't ideal for reading long term. It's definitely not eink since it does movies. I imagine it's basically a disabled Android tablet.

*Edit* So far I have figured Android 2.1
7" 400x800 colour TFT touchscreen
Micro SD card up to 32Gb
Built in speakers
Plays audio and opens most book formats
2Gb internal memory
7 Hours between charges with 4 hour charge time **

**That's a killer for an ereader. I love my month on a charge Android 2.1 Nook touch with mono eink way too much.
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