New load-shedding outage checker..

The 'no available data' was the fix for a bug.

But Joburg has the schedule data now. (the same schedule for Pretoria).
Until the next time, the issue happens every few months I think.
Don't use this app of yours, so the mention is just in case you need reliable info when it happens :)
Jo'burg City Power's site is also inaccurate quite often, or so I'm told.
It's not technically an app, just a website.

About the accuracy of the schedule data, I would prefer not to take on the role of verifier. The reason for that is the incentive to altering formats and schedule norms which is inherent in all government (non/)services.

There exists this itch to complicate matters. It's an irrational itch, ofc, but it is tolerated nonetheless.

Being efficient would amount to market clearance. Which is antithetical to the whole idea of the State. Perhaps because Statists intuit that needs are finite. Needs, of course are not finite, they are actually infinite.
Schedule update:

Dbn(temporary schedule) 1-8 updated for Aug 2022.
Hi all,

Please check my new load-shedding website , which I have recently created in the hopes it will be useful to anyone looking for a tool to help track electricity load-shedding outages.

Feel free to let me know what you think. It's just some very basic functionality. At the moment, I only have stage 1 - 4 showing, for City of Cape Town municipality. I hope to add more municipalities and features as time and resources permit.

I make no promises in terms of future functionality, but would be interested to hear any suggestions.
It works perfectly...
Having to get a license from the State regulator, to compete, is a red flag that this is not and will not be an open market in energy.

That is the problem.