New MyBroadband jackets are here, and they are great


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Jul 5, 2010
Nope! I have 2 hoodies. Durban has no winter, so I us mine as a light rain jacket.



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Apr 30, 2010
I'll take a 2017 one you have lying around in the supply closet in a box covered in dust you forgot about. I'm not a fancy person.
The blue ones? I found mine ina box in the garage. Yes, we moved 5 months ago and some of the stuff are still in boxes :ROFL:
Me too. I wear mine with pride. I get looks when I go into tech stores and some of the staff obviously recognize the name. :)
I work for the largest telecoms provider in Africa and on my floor of 40 staff, only one knows about MyBB. Though to be fair, we're a bunch of coders so most of these retards don't care about the world around them. :thumbsdown:
I wouldn't mind one. Maybe @rpm can gift those with the most post in the Northern Suburbs meet thread a jacket, that thread got a crap load of traffic. At least for Chuck maybe as the person with the most posts in there, Honey already has one.
@Honey Badger made very sure to flash his jacket. You are just a mof.
I have the latest one and the blue one. Also have 3 t-shirts. I couldn't wear one of the t-shirts to the meet because I've lost a schitload of weight and they're all XL so it would have looked kak.

At the meet, I thought I'd wear the jacket so you guys could find me easier. I sat with that jacket for about 10 minutes and then thought fack this schit, its too damn hot, so I took it off.

The Serb - who was first to pitch after me - walked straight up to our table and sat down going: "This is the MyBB table right?". I forgot to ask him how he knew! :ROFL:


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Feb 23, 2005
I still have my KWay MyBB Jacket and it looks brand new. I only wear it outside on special occasions.
Ive been stopped once and asked if I work for MyBB. LOL
Do you have the blue one or the black one?


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Aug 4, 2005
Random, take part in the many draws. Long ago I got a golf shirts and a cap.. wow wore the cap for a till it broke lmao and feature in most of my photos haha..

Hrm.. I wonder if I can get a cap again.