New National Insurance..have you heard of them?


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May 26, 2010
I have been hunting around for new quotes lately, and the cheapest so
far belongs to a company call "New National Domestic". They are offering cover on
everything, i.e. Motor, Household and All risk.

I did a quick google, and found nothing on them, so I'm a bit weary.

I was wondering if any other folks out there use them or have heard of them,
as well as found any references online concerning them?



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Jan 2, 2007
AFAIK they actually offer reinsurance to the other insurance companies, as well as do insurance themselves, They've also been around for sometime.


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Sep 5, 2011
Please see e-mail from client of New National: VERY VERY SCARY

Hi Riazk.

Policy nr: Cams

I refer to our phone conversation on Friday 02/09/2011 where I spoke to you about my claim with your company that was rejected because of my initial application form to join your insurance company that was not completed.
I also refer to my conversation I had with a lady at your company on the 19/08/2011 time: 02:12 – 02:14 in the afternoon where I asked the lady if they do check with the previous insurance companies when a new application is handed in to join New National. She then told me that they usually do this but it is done by the underwriter or the broker.
I have been without a vehicle now for a month and a week and counting, I paid my insurance from day one without skipping a payment, I added another vehicle to this policy and paid that insurance without skipping one payment. Now because of a form that was not completed and which I feel should have been checked up by one of the parties associated with your company my claim was rejected.
Even with my claim rejected you are still taking my money…… is this right? With the initial form that was not completed and not checked by someone associated with you company……. Is this my fault? I still have another vehicle insured by you…… is this vehicle really insured or will there be another rejection to some stupid reason when I want to claim?
It took your company three weeks to tell me that they will not be approving my claim while my vehicle was standing at a panel beating company and is still standing there.
I have been very patient so far, but this is were it stops, I have no vehicle to drive with, I am paying my insurance even when the claim was rejected, someone between the broker and your company did not follow up on my incomplete application form but I must pay for this.
It feels to me that your company New National is hiding behind the broker and the underwriter when it comes to claims not paid out and will find any reason not to pay insurance claims.
Take control of this situation and sort this out, I want my vehicle fixed and as soon as possible, I pay my insurance and I will pay my excess because that is what I expect from my insurance company and I also want assurance for my other vehicle that it is actually insured!!!!!!
Please confirm this email telephonically latest end of day 06/09/2011 as this is high priority to me and I need my vehicle a.s.a.p!!!

Christo Prinsloo

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Feb 10, 2011
Never heard of them, and I am always skeptical of companies that have the word national in their name.