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New Suzuki Jimny (Jeep thingies Part II)


Honorary Master
Aug 9, 2009
Continuation of the original thread:


New Suzuki Jimny officially revealed on brand’s website…

If you have an internet connection (which, if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you do) and even a passing interest in the new Suzuki Jimny, you would likely by now have seen leaked photographs of the new fourth-generation off-roader.

But now the Japanese automaker has published official images of the latest version of the small off-roader on its corporate website.

Unfortunately, Suzuki has yet to reveal much in the way of specifications for the new model, although it has confirmed that it will again feature a ladder frame chassis, three-link rigid axle suspension and part-time four-wheel-drive with a low-range transfer gear. No soft-roader nonsense here, then…

ndeed, the automaker promises that the new model will be as capable as the outgoing Jimny, claiming it will be able to “overcome muddy pits, manoeuvre through dense woods and conquer massive rocks”.

The brand has also published a single image of the new Jimny’s cabin (presumably in top-spec guise), which features a centrally sited screen and what appears to be rather a lengthy gearlever. According to the website, three dual-colour combinations will be on offer (for the European market, at least), along with the five single-tone hues pictured below.

We should learn more about powerplants and specification in the first week of July…






Expert Member
Jan 15, 2010
We've owned a Jimny since 2009.Excellent car and loved the styling.
The later models with the nose scoop was ok in styling but sun reflections from that scoop blinds one quite often.
Will hang on to the Jimny we have untill they change the styling.Personally think it looks ugly.
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Apr 8, 2006
Ok that looks infinitely better than that previous shot..

Think the black wheel arches and such bring it all together.

That interior looks decent enough as well...


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Aug 9, 2009
2019 Suzuki Jimny revealed

Next-gen SUV gets more rugged styling and upmarket interior. Official photos have now been released

Styling of the next-generation Suzuki Jimny has been shown by the brand ahead of its Japanese reveal over the summer. The small SUV arrives on roads at the start of next year.

The current Jimny has now gone out of production to make way for its successor. The last units of the model - fewer than 200 cars - were still available for purchase until recently, but sold quickly. The Jimny represents 1100-1200 sales per year for the brand.

Although its still several months from reveal, the next Jimny has been seen testing several times, showing its new design. Unlike the Vitara, the future SUV has not been softened with a more road-biased look. It actually looks significantly more rugged, with a retro design. Previous, leaked images surfaced on a Facebook fan page.

The fourth-generation model is being developed with the feedback of existing Jimny owners in mind, who rank its effective off-road capabilities and robustness more highly than on-road performance.

Road handling will still be improved, but a Suzuki spokesman explained that the car's unique selling point was its hardy nature, so this will remain the focus during development. An image of the car's ladder chassis shows this, and it's also confirmed that three-link rigid axle suspension will be fitted, and part time four-wheel drive, with low range transfer gear is also used.

The car's design reflects its 4x4 status, taking influence from earlier-generation Jimnys with a simple, box-shaped body. Much of the design appears similar to that applied to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, such as the squared-off wheel arches and tail-lights located low on the bumper.

Images leaked onto the internet revealed the look of the car's interior late last year. Although it gains modern features such as touchscreen infotainment, the overall design remains clunky - likely due to a priority for function over form to enable users to operate controls and buttons with gloves on.

Suzuki has been testing the car in four countries - one of which is Britain - in order to develop the car's chassis set-up and refinement for launch onto the global market. Its scale is not expected to drastically change from the outgoing car, which is just 120mm longer than a Smart Forfour.

The brand has remained tight-lipped as to what will power the future SUV, but sources expect Suzuki’s turbocharged 1.0-litre Boosterjet three-pot to be offered, with the brand’s naturally aspirated 1.2-litre a potential entry-point engine. No diesel engine is expected - the brand just confirmed that it has pulled all diesel options from its current line-up.

Suzuki swapped the manual low-range gear selector in its latest Vitara for an electric rotary dial, but the new Jimny could stick with the former system to maximise its off-road adjustability.

The brand's decision to ignore the temptation to build a more mainstream model should ensure that sales remain comparatively small (versus other compact SUVs). Around 1200 Jimnys are sold per year in Britain - a figure that has remained consistent since the outgoing version launched in 1998. The new car is expected to comfortably beat this while leading a charge to grow Suzuki sales by 20%.

The larger Vitara is currently the brand's bestselling model. It achieves UK sales of about 12,000 units per year, with the expectation of further growth.