New years day Newtown shooting


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Jan 29, 2009
So little has been published on this story. More has been published on the Melville shooting (maybe because there were 2 people killed). Are we so desensitised to violence that this isn't worth discussing?
I wonder if the 2 incidents are linked - driveby shootings are unusual and for 2 to occur so close together is quite a coincidence. A BMW X3 was identifed in the Melville one, no vehicle mentioned on the Mary Fitzgerald Square shooting. Surely there is CCTV on the Double decker section where the shooting occurred?


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Mar 26, 2010
Newtown shooting: Police ‘abandoned’ the area where shots were fired
Gauteng community safety MEC Faith Mazibuko says there was meant to be a police presence in the part of the N2 bridge from which the shooters opened fire.

It appears that the perpetrators of the Newton shooting which left eleven injured benefitted from the part of the M2 bridge in Newtown they fired shots from being unmanned by metro and traffic police officers.
Gauteng MEC for community safety Faith Mazibuko told the Sunday Times she will ask for explanations from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) and the Gauteng traffic police as to why areas of the M2 bridge which were meant to be manned by police officers were left unattended.
“They were supposed to man that part of the highway … people will really have to account as to why they left their posts,” Mazibuko said.
JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minaar told the Sunday Times he could not comment as an investigation was ongoing, but added that despite Gauteng’s government indicating that the shooter was on the bridge, that the investigation still needed to conclusively show “if the person was in the crowd or on the bridge”.

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