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That is very serious, they must be struggling and people dying while waiting :(
And before people say it's because of idiotic government, they should be aware that many of these systems are supported by third party vendors.

Also, this happens to many big private companies too.
@Daniel Puchert or @Jan , you may be interested in one more DStv article; about the imbalance of what Multichoice charge and offer in neighbouring countries compared to here.

Most appears to be more expensive for neighbouring ROA. However, they seem to get more on smaller packages and that seems consistent everywhere... except here..

For instance some (maybe all? haven't looked) packages in Namibia - like the Access package which costs more and offers more than Access in SA.
R140 here, N$170 there (= R170).
They will get additional things like a main soccer channel (I think it's ch. 225) and it includes the 134 UKTV channel from BBC (old content) and the 139 basic movie channel, while we don't. (In SA it's only the Variety 4 sports channel (they also get that), and the other two examples are on our cheapest EasyView package only.)

This link more or less gets you the info, just change the country in the top right corner:
BUT be aware that their package details for most packages in ALL countries is often inaccurate, always has been as it's seldom checked or updated.
And some country's smallest packages refuse to be included in the compare table.

Another factor of possible interest:
There are ways to subscribe in other countries - it's called cross-pollination by MC, and although they don't like it they do allow it.
For neighbouring countries the satellite availability is the same in SA. For countries further north it is only possible to gain signal from that satellite system in northern regions of SA (Pretoria & Jo'burg included.)
After the FNB issue on the 29th July, they said all duplicate transactions will be reversed. This has not been done and now they want you to fill out card dispute forms. I have two payments at the same vendor for the same amount that failed via my virtual card and was successful via my physical credit card. FNB now wants me to log a dispute via a pdf form that they email you because you cannot dispute virtual cad transactions via the app. Was wondering if anybody else confirmed if any errors on FNB that occurred on the 29th June were fixed automatically.