Nine arrested after Hawks bust Krugersdorp drug lab

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May 15, 2007
Gauteng police have arrested nine people, including two women after they raided what they said was a drug “super lab” being operated from a dilapidated building in Krugersdorp.

Colonel Katlego Mogale said the arrests followed an intelligence-driven operation where members of the Serious Organised Crime Investigation team descended on the property on Pulley Street in Boltonia in Krugersdorp West.

She said they found large quantities of chemicals used to produce “methamphetamine”.

So was it locals or foreigners that were busted? Enquiring minds want to know.
Let's be honest they were arrested not because your safety was at risk, but for operating without a State license.

The so-called War on Drugs, was always a war on open competition.

The war on drugs was always, and everywhere, an abject failure.... but they had to sell the real war to you and me somehow.

A clandestine drug laboratory worth millions has been discovered, what police believe to be a super lab operating on a factory scale in Pulley Street, Boltonia in Krugersdorp West. 9 Suspects aged between 18 and 55 arrested facing charges of manufacturing of illicit drugs.

From the video material made available by eNCA it was quite a big operation. I went through the street and narrowed down which buildings it may have been, so it will be interesting to see who the suspects are.
I reckon we might even avert 1 Stage of loadshedding by removing those "furnaces" from the grid..

Dilapidated building in Krugersdorp...

They all are...
I have never got the creeps from a place in South Africa like I have from Krugersdorp. What's with that place?
I was there last in around 1991 - I was about 18 at the time. Popped into a pool arcade with my brother in law for a game of pool. The place was dingy like any other, but it went next level when the old toppie who ran the place came along with a round solitaire board full of N***erballs and offered us one like a drug peddler at the street corner. Like I'm going to pop weird looking free sweets from a random old ballie into my mouth.