No confusion at DoC, says DoC's Vilakazi

The Trutherizer

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May 20, 2010
lol. of course newspapers do not make their internal going ons public, but if another newspaper get's wind of it then they will run a story. That's what newspapers do. It's in the public interest. As in the public is interested and often quite concerned what goes on with their tax money behind closed doors. This guy is just saying that it does not suit the DoC to have freedom of the press. Rofl. But they are welcome to close the door on journalists. For me it is sad that pretty soon this type of information will most likely be stamped as state secrets. When that happens the ANC will have well and truly turned all their lofty promises and ideals into a piñata.

Were this a country in working order they would have let the papers know everything to show citizens that they are doing their jobs.
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