No warranty on new fridge broken door handle

This thread reads like a sitcom.
I'll add to it.

What fridge did you buy, son?
Smeg ma.

Where'd you get it from?
The Masons.

No ma it was 20k.

20k for smegma with a 6 month warranty, direct from the masons? :sick:
and then the front (handle) fell off.
There you have it @cobuss, dont seek advice after you have bought item otherwise @RedViking will hijack thread, look now you are being made to tell us that you bought an Ecco fridge.
How did you break the door handle? It is one the strongest parts on a fridge?

Be honest.

You know when you take something out of the fridge, and as the door is almost closing, you remember another item you need?

Instinctively, you grab at the handle right before the door closes.

Well, in the case of Quickdraw Cobus, who is in his prime and blessed with cobra reflexes, the handle now looks like it exploded out of the fridge door.
I'd go viral just to let people know the shyte that goes around, I'd also copy the supplier and manufacturer in or tag them in on everything.

Enough of this shyte where they get away with it and people accept it.

This should be an door policy.
I believe there should be some guidance for posters. It is not about naming and shaming but such post should come with a bit more information so readers can assist such as manufacturer, shop etc. unless it’s spam shops and manufacturers act differently. Under 6 months even if it broke from reasonable use due to your fault I am sure it can be argued that it is a quality issue since fridges by design will be opened numerous times and by many people. If the shop is refusing write directly to manufacturer, I have had great experiences with that approach.
I can assure you that it is NOT a Hisense product. Most likely one of the “flagship” products which have been losing their strength and quality over the the last few years. Because of the woke and shitty “environmentally friendly” building materials that the West and Europe have been obsessed about
Smells like a Smeg.

Those handles already seemed like they would come off with very little effort.
Could be the cheapest brand known to man bought from the Chinese shop on the corner.

Why wouldn't a reputable manufacturer have a warranty?

EDIT: although the same thing happened to me with Cachet taps. Full warranty but not on moving parts :mad:
How do you invoke a clause in the CPA that covers you? Do you simply point it out to the salesman?
Yes, do some home work and walk in there demanding justice, take a Karen with you if need be

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