Nokia N8 (best phone evar) starts shipping


Dank meme lord
Oct 31, 2007

As promised, the Nokia N8 has started shipping today, September 30, despite all the rumors of another delay. The N8 is shipping worldwide to shops and people who have pre-ordered the first Symbian^3 device, but availability will vary by country and operator.

The Nokia N8 had some delays, but the latest rumors turned out to be false. The N8 units are leaving the factories in Finland and China and are on their way to the lucky fellas who pre-ordered them.

It will be available in brick and mortar and online stores too - but when that is country and operator dependent. Broad availability of the Nokia N8 is expected in the coming weeks.

When you do get it, don't forget to check out the latest Ovi Maps beta for the Nokia N8. It offers free walk and drive voice-guided navigation for over 70 countries with no data connection required.

And in case you missed it, Nokia showcased the N8's multimedia powers by using it as part of the record-breaking cinema screen, which was temporarily set up in Rosengard, Sweden.

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