Nokia N8 whips N97 and Omnia HD in benchmarks


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Oct 31, 2007
So you used the tired old complaint "but the N97 sucks" as a reason why you don't like Nokia and would rather run off with a piece of fruit or an andriod? Sorry, find a new reason because the 12megapixel, HDMI able, Symbian^3 running N8 is not only beter equipped than any other phone, it is also faster. (youtube videos)

The N8 will be Nokia's first Symbian device with a hardware graphics accelerator since the N82. While some current Symbian phones (Omnia HD, Satio and Vivaz) already have a graphics accelerator, they are hindered by the fact that S60v5 wasn't designed to make use of powerful hardware. Symbian^3, on the other hand, is fully capable of taking advantage of the N8's GPU, and I've got the benchmarks to prove it.can see an example below, showing the Omnia HD against the N97


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May 19, 2010


why are you tired of symbian???? i also see that there are seperate forums for i**** android(which is awesome) but there isnt one for nokia, and it deserves to be there more than any other phone...

I do agree that Nokia has made a huge contribution to the mobile phone market over the years, but I think the sub forums have been created to discuss different mobile OS platforms, not to sing the praise of a certain manufacturer and its products.