OEM M Sport Body Kit for F30 3 Series?


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Jan 10, 2019
One of my very good mates recently got a 335i Luxury Line (second hand, of course). He is more than pleased with the performance of the car, and especially the sound it makes from the rear end, but he feels that the Luxury Line body kit is too dull and subdued, and that it is hiding the car's true nature (A potential M3 Killer, just saying). He wants to know where he can get an M Sport Aero Kit for the F30 3 Series, preferably OEM, with all the fittings and everything else that may be needed when doing something like this.

Alternatively, non-OEM body kits could also do the trick should BMW South Africa not provide the kit locally, as I think he wants something more aggressive looking when behind the wheel, hence me asking here.

Thanks for looking!