Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

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Sep 6, 2008
^^ Please explain.

“The ‘You Can’t See Me’ thing was a joke from my little brother,” John Cena explains. For a long time, people wondered about the origins of his famous diss. Now a common axiom woven into the fiber of mainstream sports, The Champ reveals the brotherly buffoonery that started the phenomenon. The Cena siblings were testing out some fresh hip-hop beats for John’s upcoming album when, as usual, hilarity ensued. “My family is a bunch of idiots,” jokes Cena. “This stupid song came on, we started dancing around and my brother Sean did this dance from a video where he moves his head around his hands.”

Sean’s goofy dance quickly became the subject of a dare. His older brother had yet to surpass ham-and-egger status in the eyes of the WWE brass, giving him the freedom to experiment with his character on an ancillary program called Velocity. For John Cena, that meant taking his family clownery and trying to get it aired on TV. He proclaimed he would do the goofy dance on Velocity. His brother called his bluff and lost.
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