Old and Unused Hardware, Selling or recycling (e waste)


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Apr 4, 2018
Hi Everyone

This is my very first post so please forgive me for any transgressions.

The world we live in today has become very satisfied with creating lots of waste. In our parent's days, how often did we change the landline phone at home? Most likely never. Now however if you haven't tossed your old cell phone after three years you are considered a dinosaur. At the rate electronics are progressing we are getting more and more comfortable with constantly throwing things away and it cannot be good for our environment. So here is the problem I face.

I am busy doing a very long overdue spring clean of my house and something is bothering me. I have a ton of electronic things that I don't and probably will never need but it feels like a waste to just toss in the trash. I have all sorts of things from about a dozen AC/DC converters to old AV cables, ethernet cables, 10 year old PCs, old and slightly damaged GPS units, all sorts of things. So here is my question. Is there no feasible way to actually sell these items to anyone so they can find some use in the world? I mean I have a whole bunch of perfectly usable AC/DC converters for example. Is the best thing I can do for the environment and my pocket to send it to a recycling plant to have it torn to pieces when I full well know that somewhere in South Africa there is someone asking to buy the exact adaptor I am about to scrap?

I am not looking to make a boatload of money out of these items. But as you can see by the recent laws being considered in the UK (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42703561), recycling or reusing rarely works unless there is a monetary incentive. There must be something to be done here because I am feeling like a really inconsiderate **** just throwing this perfectly good stuff away.

Anyway, if you have any input or ideally a solution where these kind of things can be sold or at least recycled for some sort of profit please let me know.