One hit wonder VS Orchestra for every pocket


Dank meme lord
Oct 31, 2007
Here is an interesting subject people often overlook with the whole iPhone thing. It happens all too easy that you lose sight of the forest when to focus on just one tree. The crux is that instead of comparing the apple tree to each individual other tree you need to step back and look at the forest as a whole.

You will notice that Apple announced their tree on January 9, 2007. It was done on June 29, 2007 and on July 11, 2008 the made copy of it with minor changes. If you really want to you can say there is two apple trees.

Compare this to the Nokia family of trees and you will find that in that same time frame more than 60 new models where announced covering everything from super-budget entry-level models to high-end integrated devices that outperform some dedicate devices. If you do not believe me have a look at this page : every single phone you see on that page was announced after the iPhone.

Small wonder is that while making all those lovely different consumer options available for us they also managed to make a copy (self admitted) of the iPhone and it is better in every way. Even more amazing is that they have been acknowledged for becoming more environmentally friendly than most other companies, also in this time frame.

So then - are you the type of consumer that goes out and buy the only model available from a brand or do you prefer having a wide range of options that you can taylor to your taste and budget?

Think different indeed....


Garfield's Teddy
Dec 16, 2007
No, I was generally bored when trying to read your post.