One little girl appears in Apple AND Samsung commercials. The Face of Mobile?


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Mar 17, 2005

One of the most important ongoing stories in tech for 2011 was the incessant legal maneuvering between Apple and Samsung. The patent wars have crossed the globe with battles being fought every day in different countries and over different patents. Both sides have had major victories. Both sides have suffered devastating losses.

In the middle of it all, a new type of infringement popped up on the internet this month. MacRumors noted that the ad (below) “feels a lot like an Apple iPad ad” but what they didn’t notice is that Samsung used the same young actress that appeared in an iPhone 4S commercial. Whether it’s just an extreme coincidence or a some weird ploy by Samsung to capture some of Apple’s advertising mojo is uncertain. Either way, the actress is racking up mobile commercial experience for her resume.



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Feb 6, 2009
**** I wonder who patented her first... More lawsuits coming.

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