Online tender scam warning in South Africa


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Jun 27, 2006
The should start by doing a lifestyles audit of their own people.


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Dec 6, 2013
This was a long time coming. There are two forms of this scam. As described in the article where these criminals spoof government, claiming they are looking at you to supply goods, but then there is another form.

The Mining Supplies Scam
Some mine in Zimbabwe contacts a South African business wishing to source items. Looking at the domain of the "mine", you can see a website etc. However the mine does not really exist. The quote is required for some fictitious item, much like in the government tender scam. Looking for that item, you will find one or two websites (also scams) advertising the items. The online classified are also abused to lead you to the fake website. The rest of the plot is the same, the small business loses out.

The mining supplies scam was later adapted to the government tender scam.

Examples of how bespoke items are faked from commodity items:
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