Onslaught of tariff and subscription fee increases hit South African consumers

If everybody paid - Electricity would be cheaper - Eskom would have less debt - And the economy would be way less fuc't - With more employers - And more jobs.

And you wouldn't have assholes in informal settlements, sub-letting to 10 tenants, and then complaining when their electricity is cut due to not being able to afford R4000 electricity bills. R50 elec still free even! Protesting for the perceived "right" to illegally connect.
It's April Fools day people. These companies will not really increase any prices, especially ahead of an election and considering current economic climate. This was a joke all along by them all. Calm your nuts and use that money to invest somewhere offshore.
So what are the Electricity rates increase for Soweto? Or will we just have to keep paying their share for life?
100% increase for those who get it for free, obviously. Same increase for them every year.