Opel Astra 1.8 automatic - Sale


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Oct 31, 2007
!SOLD! : https://www.webuycars.co.za/buy-a-car/Opel/Astra/885407110

Item name (be very descriptive): 2007 Opel Astra, Enjoy spec, 1.8 103kw engine with a 4-speed automatic, 178,000km, full service history, spare key, tow bar, 2nd owner, smash and grab film
Age and condition: 17 years old, good condition, daily driver
Do you include packaging: No
Warranty: 6 months / 10,000km on the gearbox
Reason for selling: Had to buy another car while this one had its gearbox replaced - hence the warranty.
Price: R60,000
Negotiable: Yes
Location: Stellenbosch
Shipping or collection: Come and get it.


Towbar was only used for bicycle racks

Minor dings, dents and scuffs as to be expectd

Curb rash on some of the alloys, at least the smash and grab tint is nice and dark.

Tyres are good. Well, good enough rubber for my wife, this was her daily.

Got it at just under 60,000km in 2014, now heading to 180,000km.

Seats had those stains when we got the car in 2014, never bothered to get them cleaned. Electric auto up and down windows all round.

Engine bay is tidy, new valve cover gasket was fitted in October. Next service is only due in July. Cambelt has been done at required intervals.

Those trays are pretty handy if you have kids.
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So is the gearbox new, or simply fixed/refurbished? And was it fitted by the dealer?
Hope you are getting a VW as a replacement.
Already replaced it in December with a Corsa. I was going for a VW but then I though, what if I get something just a little nicer and then saw the Corsa. :ROFL:
Cup holders?
Yes - more like bottle/can holders. In the doors so when you slam them close you get more stains on the seats :cool:
How is parts for this car now that GM is no longer is SA?
How is parts for this car now that GM is no longer is SA?
No problems, last cambelt service was done in a day, did the valve cover gasket in October - same deal.
Gearbox I think came from a Suzuki, many more of them around than the automatic Opels. Same Aisin 60-40LE unit.

If you look around for parts on the Astra H/Mk5 there are plenty and quite a few still at breakers yards.
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Finally, she's been in need of a good headlight polish for long. Should I asked how you did it?
Proclean Valet down the road from VW did it for me, they even brought the car back to me afterwards. It was R600 but considering how bad it looked, they did a great job.
How do you kill a toyota 4-speed box? let roux wifey drive it lol
She got skills! :unsure:

Protip : when manufacturers say the gearbox is "sealed for life, no maintenance needed" - they mean the life of the gearbox itself :laugh:

Rather have the ATM fluid flushed every 50,000km - same thing we heard about those A-Class CVT boxes.

If only we spent R2,200 on Dextron earlier, it would have saved us R22,000 on a gearbox....