Opel Corsa Lite cutting out


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Mar 9, 2016
Hi all,

Having issues with my corsa lite 2006 1.4i... Car is cutting out without spluttering or hesitating. It drives normally for a couple of minutes, then will start revving itself up and down in neutral and cuts off as soon as I come to a stop. It starts up straight away, and then will drive normally for a couple minutes and start acting again. There is no issue if I'm in gear and don't engage the clutch, obviously not really an option in traffic. The car also jerks while I'm driving, not a new problem though...

The big issue is that I've taken it in for a diagnostics test and nothing is showing up at all. Is this perhaps a problem with my computer in that it wouldn't send information?

I've heard of the issues with coil packs, fuel pump relay and replacing the crank sensor, but want some advice before spending a tonne for the purposes of elimination.

Pretty bummed about the whole thing, any suggestions?


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Oct 6, 2010
Sounds like it could be the idle control valve, but over the internet its more of a guess than anything.
The jerking though if only under load is likely something else like the coilpack, fuel relay or crank angle sensor.

The FPR is cheap(Goldwagen) so I would just replace that and then take out the ICV use lots of carb cleaner on it and then some Q20(look on the net for a guide there should be plenty). Then carefully inspect any pipes that go to the intake and make sure there are no cracks or leaks.

That wont cost much so give it a try and then let us know how it goes.


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May 17, 2014
wrong section to be posting this...

but if i was you, i would take it to a mechanic and let him diagnose the car.

it doesnt sound like fuel pump relay.


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Jun 26, 2013
I think @Beachless is on to something, I have a 1999 Corsa Utility and the last time the revving and cuttin happened was about 3 years ago. The idle valve was the culprit, bought a new one.


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Aug 31, 2010
hi i've had the same problem on a 2007 opel corsa lite sport 1.4 ....
did you perhaps jump start your car before you started having this problem ?


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Jun 28, 2017
Hi, I have the same problem with my corsa lite 1.3 1999 model. It cut out, I'm not sure what could be the problem. Yes the car have been jump started because the battery was dead when I bought it.


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Jul 27, 2016
Maybe it's lite on fuel??

ok ok - will see myself out........
see what you did there.
and then i figured, this is the wrong section.

but, my few cents worth:
Broken/leaking air duct (breather pipe or so), ICV would not affect the jerking under load, more than likely a spark issue, or fueling issue (or both due to comp box)...



Mar 28, 2011
I had the same issue with 2006 Opel Corsa Lite, car randomly just cuts out while driving, then won't start for a minute or two and then suddenly it starts again. First I replaced the idling control valve (R250 from Abe Midas) but that didn't work. Then I replaced the fuel pump relay (R105 from Hatfield Goldwagen) and this solved the problem.
Mar 6, 2019
Thanks for help. I had also the same issue, it started with the car very slightly jerky at times, then one morning had a problem getting started, then also randomly just cut out while driving, then won't start for a minute or two and then suddenly starts again. I opened the side panel on the driver side (panel behind the lever that opens the bonnet) and removed the relay (wrapped with spunge), from the bright pink relay-connector-block. I sprayed the connectors with contact cleaner. After another days and several cut-outs while driving I read on this forum about the possible dry joint on the relay contact. I opened the removed relay inner from the outer cover (used a carpet knife to lift one side at a time away from the contacts base and push in a pin to keep cover side from locking again--did this in turn on all four sides and the inner slide out of the cover).I did inspection and as posted before, noticed on of the larger contacts a dry joint on the circuit board. I resolder most of the contacts(just in case). I also cleaned the cover inside from black plastic dirt. Start first time every time now and no more jerkiness while driving.