Opel Now Offers Easytronic Automated Manual on Karl, Astra, Adam and Corsa


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Oct 31, 2007
While it is not clear if/when this will make it to the models on sale by GMSA it does sound pretty sweet

Source : Read more: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/o...stra-adam-and-corsa-106007.html#ixzz44NFUNs35

Manual gearboxes are more fun than their automatic counterparts. However, your enthusiasm for driving may wane after spending a few hours in a traffic jam. Wearing high heels makes things even worse, so Opel has decided more of its cars need an automatic gearbox option that's cheap and easy to use.

While Ford, Renault, Skoda and VW all use twin-clutch gearboxes for their small cars, Opel chose the Easytronic automated manual, which has now reached its 3.0 version and is available on more models than ever.

Old cars like the smart fortwo have popularized the idea that automated manuals are horrible. However, they have been getting much less jerky in recent years. Another change is that you can manually select the gear you want via a simple movement of the lever.

Why shift gears when the car can do it for you? One day, you will find yourself descending an icy slope and locking in a low gear could save you from an accident.

Conventional automatic transmissions that select the right gear ratio without any driver intervention are comfortable and easy to use. However, they are often too expensive for most drivers of smaller family cars. The difference in price between cars with manual or automatic transmission is over one thousand euros, even for something like a Skoda Fabia.

We've heard of Easytronic gearboxes on other models, so after Opel sent out a press statement, we quickly checked the 2016 Astra K. You can have the compact hatch with an automated manual on the 1.0 Ecotec Turbo engine, the price difference being just €700. Another benefit is that fuel consumption and emissions are fractionally better. It's even cheaper on the Corsa and Adam, where it costs €600.

Opel does offer conventional automatic gearboxes as well. For example, the 1.6 CDTi diesel has too much torque and thus gets a 6-speed with a torque converter. The downside is that this option costs €1,600 extra.