Openserve Fibre Connect/Web Connect/Prepaid Connect Uncapped


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Jan 12, 2019
What is the differentiating factor(s) for a house to qualify for either fibre option. I know that it can depend on target market, area, budget, etc (similar to vuma reach and vuma core). The reason I ask this is because in my area our house has been listed as being Fibre Connect compatible. Now that I look around at some houses (in the same street, nevermind area) I see some qualifying for all three packages. It wasn't so last year or else many other people I have reccomened OS to would have taken the cheaper option. Does the infrastructure play a role? AFAIK we all had our fibre done and live the same time in November last year.

Does infrastructure play a role? All houses have access to Openserve Fibre Connect and Octotel here.


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Krypton Web - AQP

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Jul 27, 2020
OS Fibre connect is basically a fibre service like most FNOs sell

OS Web connect is only available in certain areas (at OSs discretion), similar to Vuma Reach
No Router is required as the ONT has wireless antenna built in

OS Prepaid Connect is similar to Web Connect but using a prepaid bundle service payment method