Openserve Fibre Rollout Question


Nov 2, 2011
Good day

Could someone perhaps explain this to me, for some reason we have been surrounded with Fibre however we remain uncovered. There are estates behind our homes and I suspect that has something to do with this? Is that the case?

I am worried that somehow our homes have been mistakenly looped in with the estates?

2018-09-03 12_52_12-Window.png

I sit with a similar issue in Centurion. Contacted OpenServe and got a very generic reply in terms of light and dark purple as if it was copied from their site.
Almost the same issue, in Hennopspark, coverage map is actually dark purple for our complex of 5 houses, but the pin thing says "The fiber in your complex has been delayed." Literally all the houses/complexes/estates around us are covered for 200mbs fiber. Talking to Openserve we get the usual generic reply of "it's been delayed, no time frame." Trying to find out why it's been delayed is also hopeless.