Openview thoroughly beating DStv in new customer sign-ups


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May 24, 2010
Openview thrashing DStv in new customers

eMedia has gained nearly double the number of activations on its Openview service than MultiChoice's net subscriber additions on DStv in South Africa over the past five years.

DStv and Openview are South Africa's two biggest providers of satellite TV services.
Come On who did this photoshopping cut out, for "tech" publication I would expect a much smoother product.

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Pointless comparison really..

Openview - free, no monthly cost
DSTv - monthly cost

Openview does not note deactivations, so current numbers may be totally inaccurate..
Also if your decoder gets bricked you buy a new one and that is again a new activation so the same customer is being activated over and over and over and...
Openview hasn't updated their programs and especially movies, reality shows and series for years. All the repeats, all the time.