Options in terms of the CPA


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May 30, 2022
Hi all,

Took my faulty airfryer in to Tafelberg and they advised that my airfryer would need to be sent away for an assessment. This despite the store seeing it trip their power. I advised them that I did not want a repair and they explained it still needs to go in for a determination whether it was manufacturer defect or not. They phoned me today to explain there was a loose connector which the manufacturer reconnected. Now they are saying I must collect the airfryer, but I want to understand what my options are in terms of the CPA. They initially told me they would phone me with an update once they received feedback from the supplier, but it seems like they have elected the repair option. I would like it to be replaced rather than repaired. Can I insist on a replacement? If they refuse would the next step be lodging a complaint internally and then the ombuds?