Org.Za Legacy Domains to be Suspended and Deleted

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Nov 17, 2015
ZA Central Registry sent out a important notification which affects all Org.Za domain names that reside on their Legacy System.

As of the 1st September 2016, all Org.Za domains that reside on the legacy system will be suspended.
If you have an Org.Za domain on the Legacy system you will need to transfer your domain to an Accredited Registrar.

To confirm whether your Org.Za domain exists on the legacy system, head on over to the Registry's whois page, and query your Org.Za domain -

If the Sponsoring Registrar is ZA Central Registry, the domain resides on the Legacy System and is affected by this change

Here is an example :
Sponsoring Registrar: ZA Central Registry

On the 1st September 2017 all Org.Za domain names which reside on the Legacy system will be deleted.

  • You will be able to transfer your Org.Za domain names before and during the suspension period.
  • There is no fee to transfer your Org.Za domain names to an accredited registrar
  • Upon transfer of your Org.Za domain name, the renewal date will be reset to one year after the date of transfer, which gives you a free renewal period.

ZA Central Registry have indicated that a notification will be sent out to all affected registrants today or tomorrow.

Important : ZA Central Registry has indicated that it will publish a list of domain names affected by this change.
Registrars will be able to download a list of affected domain names and use this at their disposal.


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