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Organisers charging for bogus speaker list Article written out of malice


New Member
Jul 13, 2018
Just like Any other Business established Meanwood Strategic Business Solutions has a structure , Employees and Physical Business Location. its a Woman owned ( Yes aits normal and Ok for a Zambian Black woman to be busy with something its not the dark ages ) business (and must in now way be linked to any other business entity because its owned by a woman that is married , ownership is not sexually transmitted and YES IN THIS DAY AND AGE WOMEN CAN AND ARE ALLOWED TO OWN BUSINESSES no matter what creed , gender orientation , colour , ONE THING Jean LE ROUX and that director from that institute cannot understand ) .It was initially established to conduct general business before embarking on a creating a dedicated call centre, Program production (which we later started to outsource ) and provide training solutions . :crylaugh:

Since we provide delegate management and training solutions, we put together programs as per client requests and outsource experts ( many of which have established their own businesses solely based on research) to come up with programme out lines (giving out business ideas for free ) .

We select these experts based on credentials and we have speaker agreements between the company (Meanwood Strategic Business solutions) and them to produce industry relevant programs which are then marketed. All Copyright belongs to content producers. Main reason we outsource Training Content producers. They are also in charge of contacting the relevant subject matter experts.

One of the programmes developed on our behalf was on waterloss , all speakers were contacted including the international speaker , who requested to be paid 2000 GBP per session presented ( 3 sessions each which equals GBP 6000 / session ) .

Two week into marketing the workshop (our marketing schedule is 6 weeks, we were then contacted by the water loss institute director (Fuming) were not sure why, he mentioned that since we are a company owned by a foreigner, he personally make sure he destroys the company. Our receptionist advised him that if he has a grievance he can write it directly to a given email address of maybe forward it to he completely refused and contacted all the listed speakers telling them that we are a fraudulent company and we do not exist. They further issued a circular to all their members labelling this company as that and that we do not have an office. We were then contacted by a reporter and we complied by sending him all the info , which he did not bother go through but instead decided to appease the other (reason best known to himself ) .During this time , even the venues we requested to host these events from decided to refuse

Their event

The article is however not surprising to us, as we were earlier contacted and threatened by Dr. R. S. McKenzie who is the current chairman of the International Water Association: Water Loss Group. The association is hosting its biennial Water Loss Conference and Exhibition 2018 in Cape Town from May 6 to 9, 2018 according to the news 24 article it’s said to attract not less than 500 delegates from over 50 countries. Dr. McKenzie sent emails to our confirmed speakers and some have pulled out of our event for this reason.

During this period, we had 4 scheduled programs, of which all had gone to market of which 33 personnel, Call centre sales & Online marketing assistants had been hired to cater for the marketing period Feb - Dec 2018. ( After the article that News 24 published i can safely say that the 10 employees hired for this session were let go, 15 decided to look for jobs elsewhere ,due to the reputational damage N24 decided to inflict on the entrepreneur who has been in operation from late 2015).As every company they contacted referred to the article.

In the article, we were accused to netting R200, 000.00 from that programme (untrue) and if we did we would have still had my employees. We just had enquires of which many decided not to book because of the article.

On the Accused Plagiarising

As we said, we do not own content. But have the permission to market finished products.

Some examples given in the Construction Contracts. There are many contracts available but we offer training on specific books, this program is hosted by CASI. Clients ask to specific items to be clarified with pre workshop questionnaires given out.

Content of programs is standard as per industry practice unless a conference is being presented. Speakers of conferences bring their own presentations developed by themselves.

Other Event listed

Sanitary Sewer and storm water, Matt Brune was not available to present (2015) so we hired an accredited Trainer to conduct the training for a client.


Venues are selected based on location and many times we booked with focus rooms, clients complained of their services and also complained about their venue location. They also mentioned people arriving at the venue for our workshops. If the client has not followed procedure to register by means of submitting registration and payment, they are not reserved a seat. Standard industry practice. We have had delegates cancel on the day of the workshop and have never posted them on hello peter for late cancellation or payment of delegate fees after court orders.

Venue confirmations are only done when we have a minimum 15 delegates booked, that’s when we can make a down payment to the hotel.

Booking was done with emperors but after being contacted and telling them we were a scam they decided to cancel and refuse us service based on what they were told.

Office location

From 2015, we were located at a posh office location and in October 2015 thieves broke in and stole 50 computers and equipment from our office ( N24 never reported on that ) . It was a sad day because we had to start from scratch 9as we are doing now in terms of looking for employees and redeveloping content for 2019). We also decided to move to this location due to its security features.

The Listed Victims:

CASI training. Established in 2014, done business with several companies but by virtue of being in line to destroy Meanwood, they were listed as well hence the story being confusing. We were also asked about 2 other companies nowhere related to Meanwood ( which I will not list because im not malicious ) . But we decided not to comment on them because we knew where the specific attack was coming from otherwise they would have been listed in Dr. Makenzie’s “fantasy “.

In this industry , we also have people that give ghost reviews on hello peter , a practice that appalling since competition is tough i must say and CASI Training has been a victim of this .To have a review removed or to respond to Hello Peter , a company needs to pay subscription ( which CASI training decided not to ) . CASI Training further checked which people made complaints and couldn't locate them on list of registered delegates (their records are from 2014 to date) and they are not willing to pay for content removers to specifically work on replies.

What we lost because of that article:

1. Very Hard working employees that got demotivated by that because booked clients on other programmes decided to cancel except clients that we have had repeat business from.

2. Disturbance of Meanwood Strategic Business Solutions Calendar. As of now, we have to spend more money for production for 2019 as money for production spent in 2017 has been lost because of 1 persons decision (since they have the platform to publish anything they want without impact assessment) and they didn’t come through to our offices .

3. Experienced loss in revenue. Programmes placed to market have a 2 month sales period of which people need to be paid (full salaries)

Despite all this we had our clients call us to clarify and were surprised and worried about reputational damage , and they gave us business inform of in house training and expertise sourcing , including event hosting of which 2 workshops successfully hosted. We also had sympathisers that told us to take legal action.

I know this company is still budding as it wasn’t financed like the giants in the industry but we are growing and learning from different industry experts as we embark on journey growth. We also learn from other institutions and try to create better experiences in professional development.


Honorary Master
Oct 1, 2005
Whats the issue? Do you have a problem? If you do you are not getting to it and waffling on about irrelevant stuff...