Our 6th sense


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Oct 22, 2009
So here is my take, and I've been experimenting with this idea lately...

We are highly emotional creatures. Emotions have served us from the dawn of humanity. A natural instinct, if you will. At some point we then started to develop rationality (Intelligence) that enables us to discern our next action by understanding information in a different way - by manipulating it.

However, information is infinite and we can often never acquire enough of it to discern the next appropriate action. Therefore we must still rely on that gut feel, a lot! It is far more developed in all of us and I think it deserves more credit than we (Well at least I) give it. It could very well be as powerful as that 6th sense we're on about.

The problem is emotions seldom if ever provide a clear rational path forward and so we toil with it rationally (This may be one reason for procrastination). The way to overcome this is to accept our emotions with equal priority, and the risks therein, and move forward on what your emotions are telling you rather than freezing up or ignoring it.

So my way of moving through life for the past week or two has been like this:

1. ALWAYS listen to my emotions and take action accordingly.
2. Listen to my intellect if it has enough information to discern the correct course ahead, have it re-evaluate and provide feedback to my emotional self.

I often find my emotions are quite happy to adjust motive when my intellectual side has solved a problem ahead and proved itself. My intellect is just a red flag to wave now and then as needed - that's its job, but it must prove itself before I listen to it.

It is sort of like a constant discussion happening in my mind between two sides of me, but now they're sort of agreeing and playing nice :)

My anxiety has dropped a little as well, because I have full justification and trust in what I'm doing irrespective of whether I can explain myself or not (And lately I don't feel as though I have to ever explain myself). I am allowing myself to 'feel' my way forward even in moments where I can't explain my way forward.
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Apr 25, 2006
My sixth sense has dulled over time, mainly because of listening to load music and getting older. Humans don't have 5 senses we actually have 21 senses, so wouldn't the so called feelings you have be more the 22nd sense? Cause the sixth sense would be your sense of balance.


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May 18, 2015
I believe 6th sense stuff is just a bunch of nonsense. The burden of proof lies with all you 6th-sensers making the claim. Here's food for thought: Do you believe then in psychics as well and if not, why not?

Some day I'll try this out, i'll head to a psychic somewhere in a place i've never been to and who cannot possible know me. I won't give my name or surname before hand, not provide a picture or anything. In fact, James Randi has been DESTROYING 6th sensers and Psychics for many, many years. The prize money has never been claimed (he offered psychics from around the world millions if they could just be accurate and not vague for once, telling him exact facts about things. It's never worked. Not once. This man has literally dedicated his life to explaining how and why it's all BS.

James Randi Google Link