P2P using Bittorrent/Utorrent - NO PEER CONNECTION

Mar 19, 2013
Hi all

I am having a bit of trouble here with my torrent programs. I currently use uTorrent v3.3.2 and torrents were working fine just a few hours ago. Now I try to get something to start and all the peers seem to have an "I" as it's flag. This is pretty much where it all stops. I can not seem to connect to them to download ANYTHING.

I have checked my firewall and all the settings allow for the program to function correctly. When I do a test of the connection in the program however I keep getting a fail at the "checking port forwarding" section. Could this be the problem ?

A few nights ago I was surfing the web and next moment no connection to the internet. The Wi-Fi was connected but google would not even open. So I did a Web-interface reboot of my router in chrome. Everything is fine now except for the torrents. Am using a DLink 2705u with telkom as my ISP.

Could anyone help me ?


Expert Member
Nov 2, 2012
What is your upload sharing speed capped to? People often try to avoid sharing files with 'low quality' peers. Might be worth increasing it and see if anything happens.