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Panel Heaters - Which one actually works?


Well-Known Member
Jul 21, 2014
You are talking about the ones you attach to a wall, right? These are low wattage, so they work if you leave them on for a long time - they provide background heat. If you want something to raise the temp in a room by several degrees in a short time when you come back to a cold house after work, panel heaters won't do that job. They also say on the box what size room they are designed to heat and it's a relatively small room, so for a medium sized room you might need 2 or 3. Econoheat are SABS approved AFAIK.


Honorary Master
Jul 6, 2010
As per title, please can you help out?
Is Econoheat one of the ones that work?
They should all work equally well.

The question is are you using it correctly? You need to make sure it's not attached to an outside wall and also you don't use it to instantly heat a room. Also the room needs to be the right side.

Use a timer to have it go on in advance and turn off in the morning when you won't be at home for extended periods.

Allegedly you can put foil against the wall behind it to make it work better but I've never gone that far.


Expert Member
Aug 24, 2012
All heaters work equally as the amount of energy required to heat a certain volume of air is constant. Different heaters just do it within different timeframes. As long as the heat generated is greater than the heat loss from the room it will work i.e. why you might need more than one depending on size of the room. Will just take a long long long long time :p