Paradox MG5050 - Bad wireless range


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Oct 20, 2008
Anyone of you having issues with range on this unit. I find that about 20m from the main unit, remotes and PIR's struggle to communicate. I have the 400Mhz unit.

Some suggest the issue is the wifi running in the house, but surely the 2.4Ghz is not the problem.

I have on an occasion switched the whole house off (electrically) and had the unit run on batteries and it did not make a noticeable difference.

Thanks for your comments in advance.


Mar 28, 2017
I have a similar problem

MG5050 - with Repeater . 868Mhz

Use to work before WITHOUT a repeater.

Started to loose supervision to wireless devices............activated the repeater for wireless devices

No new devices added to house.

Distance between 5050 and repeater +- 12 meters

Repeater keep dropping link ...... Supervision lost. Repeater1. ( within 1min - signal lost and restored - 24hours a day)

Repeater signal strength changes continuously for Green to Red and back.

Sometimes have to try 5-10 times to activate stay \ switch off stay from outside with different remotes.

Replace mg5050 with new board added config from old......same problem.
Switched repeater off ..... taken out of config .......same problem.

All batteries in all devices have been replaced.

All winload indicators of remote devices checked and verified - all devices shows green status.

Cold reset and re-scan also done. - same problem.